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(2000) 13 tracks: Gypsy Stomp * Ronde Des Voyageurs * Rambling Pitchfork * Kilcommon * All That You Ask Me * Morning Star * Fred Bartell * Da Trowy Burn * Behind The Haystack * Pigeon On The Gate * Forvantan * Patty's Journey Home * Heather McCarthy

Rodney Miller (fiddle) * Mary Cay Brass (piano) * Stuart Kenney (upright bass) * David Surette (guitar, mandolin, bouzouki) * Sam Zuchini (percussion)

This album consists of tunes from the Celtic, Swedish and American traditions played by Rodney and a larger band. Contra Dance (as the form is known) is a thriving tradition, with plenty of drive and swing, here performed by one of the top fiddlers around.

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