Roddy Matthews - The High Road O'er The Border

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(November 2017)

19 Tracks: Portrigh * Border Marches * Roddy's Reels * Northumberland Waltzes * Six Eights * Slow Air: Mrs Jean Nichol Of Lauder * Morpeth Rant * Farquhar And Flora MacPherson Of Portree/ Jennifer McKenzie Of Plockton * Slow Air: Hindhope * James Hill Hornpipes * Slow Air: Bonny At Morn * Highland Scottische * Gentle Waltzes * Roddy's Hornpipes * Jacobite Northumberland * Roddy's Strathspeys * Song: The High Road O'er The Border * Cill Choirill * Jig And Reel.

The High Road O'er The Border is the latest album from songwriter and fiddle player Roddy Matthews and friends.

In this album, Roddy pays tribute to places and people he holds affection for in both his native Borders and Northumberland and also in the West Highlands where part of his heart will ever be.

It is here that he was inspired to play music when he was a young boy and Highland Ceilidh music was planted deep in his heart by the wonderful musicians in Moidart all those years ago.

Proceeds from this album will go to Maggie's Cancer Care Charity.

Roddy Matthews (fiddle, viola), Gary Forrest (accordion,keyboards, bass), Ally lee (electric guitar), Keith Lauder (drums), Daniel McPhee (vocals), Chris Newman (guitar, bass).

"The High Road O'er The Border is the route I take most weeks to Lake Music but it is also a reference to the end of life when we shall hopefully meet again. The tunes pare for wonderful musician friends and places that have meant a lot to me throughout Scotland and both sides of the border." Roddy Matthews.

"Great lively playing." Alan Small and Gemma Donald.

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