Robert Cassani - Ansema We Stand

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10 Tracks: Ansema We Stand * Evviva * L'Ada * Camion Militari * L'Arcobaleno * Eroi In Corsia * 'Impestada Quarantena * La Santissima * Delina * N' Basi'.

A special collection of songs and music from the creative and much sought-after double bass player, composer, and songwriter Roberto Cassani.

‘Ansema’ means together in the Lombardy dialect of Rivoltano and perfectly captures the way the album blends the musical traditions of his adopted home in Scotland’s rural Perthshire with the language of his native northern Italy.

Supported by Creative Scotland, Ansema We Stand was recorded and produced by Andrea Gobbi of GloWorm Studios in Glasgow.

Robert is supported by a stellar cast of world-class musicians:
Roberto Cassani ( vocals, double bass), Anna Massie (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, tenor guitar), John Somerville (accordion), Steve Fivey (drums, percussions, Ross Ainslie (pipes, whistles), Hamish Napier (piano, pennywhistle), Greg Lawson (violin).

"One of this year's big surprises, Roberto Cassani has released a debut album of powerful songs and instrumentals, rich arrangements and touching lyrics, supported by six of the best Scottish Musicians. This recording is irresistible. My favourite thing about this exquisite Scottish-Italian collaboration is its representation of one of Europe's most enduring linguistic curiosities: the Rivoltano dialect, preserved for centuries by local culture - which is where, after all, our richest treasures are to be found." (Alex Monaghan - FolkWorld).

"This is FOLK music!... This is WORLD music!... Here, two geographically small, yet culturally gigantic traditions meet and help each other to deliver a unifying message. The traditions are those of Scotland, my adopted home, and Lombardia, in Italy, my birthplace. The message however is universal: cultural integration and community are essential to survive and flourish, especially in hard times, such as now…ANSEMA (Together) WE STAND." Roberto Cassani.

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