Mick West - The Right Side O' The People

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13 tracks: Young Munro * Shift and Spin * The Highland Muster Roll * Ballad of John McLean * Jamie Foyers * The Propeller Song * The Battle of Waterloo * The Braes of Melinish * Martin Ainsborough's * Road to Dundee * The January Man * Lord Randall * MacCrimmons Lament * The Little Cascade * Freedom Come All Ye.

Traditional Scots song - Mick's big, rich, warm, expressive voice is rated as one of Scotland's finest.

With Brian Byrne (piano), Fraser Fifield (border pipes, saxophone, percussion, low whistle), Malcolm Stitt (guitar, bouzouki), Neil Cameron (double bass) and Brendan Power (harmonica).

Mick West's first album (Fine Flowers And Foolish Glances) was a revelation. Well known as a session singer but rarely taking centre stage, Mick had gathered around him some young talented musicians with a jazzy background and came up with an album which was a breath of fresh air. Subsequently touring as The Mick West Band, they went on to receive critical acclaim for their live performances.

After a year or more performing as a band, it was always likely that this second album would have the musicians exerting their own musical ideas rather than being accompanists on a solo album. The musicians display great taste and the 'jazzy' content has increased - all through the album the musicianship is faultless.

"Mick West has little to prove in the singing stakes. This is an excellent album with lots of high points..." (Living Tradition)

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