Ragged Glory - Quiet Joys

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(October 2010) 12 tracks (43 mins): The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood * Turning Away * The Sun's Coming Over The Hill * The Banks O' Doon * Barrett's Privateers * I'm Gonna Do It All * The Garden Valley * To Know Her Is To Love Her * Soon Be Tomorrow * Killing The Blues * Disappeared * Lowlands Away.

The folk vocal group of George Archibald, Jim Weatherston, May Weatherston and Charlie Milne, born from The Nitten Folk Club of Midlothian.

Songs by Dougie Maclean, Karine Polwart, Robert Burns, Stan Rogers, Phil Spector, Rowland Salley, Jim Weatherston and Charlie Milne.

The purpose of Ragged Glory was always to have fun, and they found that singing good songs with strong harmonies helped towards that end.

Three members of the group, May, Jim and Charlie, met in the labyrinthine corridors of Boroughmuir Secondary School. May and Jim later married, while Charlie and Jim ventured into folk singing in public, under the name of The Borough Boys. The final member of the group, George, was born in Newtongrange when 'leeries lit the lamps and you could get into the pictures with a jam-jar...'

Fate drew them over time to Nitten Folk Club, where they found that they got along together, that they gelled musically and that the group was stronger than the sum of the individuals. You can hear the results of this friendship and common interest on this recording.

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