Rachel Hair Trio - No More Wings

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(April 2012) 11 tracks: No More Wings * Swedish * Grey Funnel Line * Cancro Cro * Harsh Feb Reels * Island * Fest Noz No. 17 * The Eccentric's Emporium * My Songbird * Home And Happy * The Birthday Jigs.

Debut album from this leading band on Scotland's vibrant folk scene, presenting a sparkling blend of instruments with dynamic arrangements.

The band were nominated Scottish Folk Band Of The Year in the Scottish Traditional Music Awards of 2011.

Featuring traditional and contemporary dance tunes, airs and songs from Scotland, Galicia, Sweden, Brittany, Wales, Devon and the U.S.

Rachel Hair (harp), Jenn Butterworth (guitar, vocals), Euan Burton (double bass), Fraser Fifield (soprano saxophone), Angus Lyon (rhodes, accordion), Signy Jakobsdottir (percussion).

"Opening with her own self-penned title track "No More Wings Hair" sets the listener up for a bright and breezy show of digital dexterity that would have the angels smiling in Heaven. With the addition of Butterworth’s vocals and softly slapped guitar chords the jazz-tinged interpretation of Cyril Tawney’s "Grey Funnel Line" pushes the lyrics at a brisk (but not outrageous) pace and in my opinion makes the song all the more enjoyable". Pete Fyfe, ukfolkmusic.co.uk

"No More Wings is a highly enjoyable and entertaining album. It has a spring in its step and seems to bring light into the room. The Rachel Hair Trio seem to be a cup running over with talent. Great Fun." Neil King, Fatea

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