Rachel Hair - Claasagh vol 1

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(June 2013) : 20 tunes: Arrane Ben Drogh Hraghtalagh * Hie Mee Stiagh * Illiam Boght *Juan Y Jaggad Keeir * Chanter's Tune * Hop-Tu-Naa * Arrane Ben-Vlieaun * Eunyssagh Vona * Wandescope * Moirrey Ny Cainle * Arrane Y Chlean * Gyn Ennym * Mylecharaine's March * Girls Of Balladoole * Ta Cashen * Kirree Fo Niaghtey * Car Juan Nan * Cum Yn Shenn Oanrey Cheh * Car Ny Ferrishyn * Graih Foalsey.

A third sheet music book from Rachel, ranging from elementary to advanced level harp arrangements of Manx Music for Celtic Harp.

Rachel was commissioned to write this book of traditional music for the Isle of Man for the Manx Heritage Foundation.

The book is a useful addition to any harpist's repertoire and a great introduction to the rich tradition of Manx music.

With a foreward by renowned Manx harpist, Charles Guard.

Rachel, from the Highland village of Ullapool, is a harpist-composer whose sparky, mischievous personality shines throughout her music. She stands at the forefront in today's Celtic harp revival.

She began playing clarsach at age 10 via the Feis movement, a network of Gaelic-based traditional music tuition across the Highlands and Islands.

She was taught in these early years by an array of leading exponents, including Corrina Hewat, Bill Taylor, Wendy Stewart and Alison Kinnaird.

With a foreward by renowned Manx harpist, Charles Guard.

"One of the UK's finest contemporary Celtic harpists and tunesmiths." (Songlines).

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