Rachel Hair And Ron Jappy - Sparks

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(April 2019)

10 Tracks: Meras: Grainne Brady's / The Namesake / Mera's Delight) * Redford Cottage / Dhannsadh Gun Dannsadh / 'S Toigh Leam Fhin Buntata S' Im * Looking At A Rainbow Through A Dirty Window * Black Hair'd Lad / The Glenburnie Rant / Jamie Shearer's * Jurby Jigs (The Road to Jurby / Sunset Squatters) * The Proofreader * Carole And Colin's * Maybelle's Compliments To Her Brother Cameron / Lady Baird's / Lochinver * Polkas (Dan Sullivan's / Scartaglen Polka / The Munster Bank) * Arrane Y Chlean / Glenbervie.

The fifth album from world-renowned Scottish harpist Rachel Hair who is joined by guitarist Ron Jappy in this collaboration.

From crisp strathspeys and heartfelt airs, to virtuosic reels and driving jigs, they have combined their influences to embrace the rich cultural tradition of Scotland.

Rachel Hair (harp), Ron Jappy (guitar).
Guests: Adam Brown (bodhran tracks1,4,9), Scott Wood (whistle track 8).

"A superb Highland Harper" (BBC Radio 2).
"One of the UK's finest contemporary Celtic harpists and tunesmiths" (Songlines)

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