Rab Noakes - Bridging The Gaps

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(March 2018)

CD 1-19 Tracks: Drunk Again * Jugglers * The Way You Know * Wait A Minute * The Goodnight Loving Trail * One Bed, One Purse * Just Away * Half A Mile From Nowhere * Patter Merchant * Everywhere You Look * Hard On You * Travel Sickness * Miles Away * Wait A Minute (single version) * She's All I See * Restless * Don't Stop Now * I Won't Let You Down * Waiting Here For You.

CD2 - 18 Tracks: Fallen Ones * Somebody Counts On Me * Lonely Boy Tonight * Long Dark Night * Get Away From Here * Same Old Place * Save The Last Dance For Me * I Can't Get Enough Of You * Don't Let Your Heart Break Down * Feeling Your Way * Call It A Day * Moment To Moment * Come Back Home * Liberty's Ledge * Memories * Shine A Light * See Me Again * I Can't Get Enough Of You (single edit).

This album completes the availability of Rab Noakes's back-catalogue on CD.

'Bridging the Gaps' contains the 1972 album 'Rab Noakes' which was originally issued on A&M Records, 1978's 'Restless' on Ring O'Records and the 1980 album 'Rab Noakes' on MCA Records.

The tracks from all three LPs are placed chronologically on a double-CD and sequenced to include some bonus tracks.

They include a b-side which didn't feature on an album, a version specially recorded for a single, an out-take, a rehearsal recording and a version edited and mixed for a single.

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