Pons Aelius - Fire Under The Bridge

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(November 2019)

10 Tracks: Fire Under The Bridge * Charlie Smith's Recovery * The Ambassador Disaster * Rafa's * The Phantom Jake * Interlude * Five Miles To The Mill * Elinor's * The Glen Where The Deer Is Imaginary * The Durnamuck Deer Chase.

A dynamic second album from the progressive instrumental band Pons Aelius.

Over the last five years the band have extensively toured the UK and Europe, delivering a live energy to stages such as Celtic Connections, Towersey Festival and Priddy Folk Festival and many more.

Pons Aelius : Jordan Aikin (great highland bagpipes, whistles), Tom Kimber (mandolin, tenor banjo), Bevan Morris (double bass), Sam Partridge (flute, whistle), Alasdair Paul (guitar, bouzouki), Callum Younger (bodhrán kit ).

"The opening set of tunes jump you straight into what Pons Aelius are about and it certainly does seem that they have got that live vibe even in the studio. The whole album is almost relentless in its energy, the energy of youth meeting head-on the clarity and surety of more seasoned players, and here both sides win, as so do we. What is more, and to a great relief for someone close to me, this is joyful music. Even if you (or rather me) just tap your feet, it is an expression of the bounce, the fun in it. You just know that they are having fun making it, and what’s more is that we are having fun listening to it. Lots of talent, lots of dynamism." Richard Holligum, folk radio.

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