The Fighting Scots - The Pipes and Drums and Music Of The Great Scottish Regiments

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(2001) 21 tracks (59 mins): BUGLER / REVEILLE * PIPER / REVEILLE * COMPANY MARCHES: Atholl Highlanders / Lord Alexander Kennedy / The Brown Haired Maiden / Scotland the Brave * SLOW AIR: Highland Cathedral * DAILY PARADE CALLS: The Keel Row / The Cock o' the North / The Barren Rocks of Aden / The Haughs of Cromdale * DISPERSE: Mairi's Wedding * SLOW MARCHES: Going Home / My Home / The Skye Boat Song * OFFICERS' MESS and SERGEANTS' MESS CALLS: The Red Coat / Bannocks of Barley Meal / Cuidich 'n Righ / Corn Rigs * COMPANY MARCHES: The Bugle Horn / Bonnie Dundee / The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre / The Liberton Polka / The Cock o' the North * MOUNTED MARCH: Men of Harlech * SLOW AIR: The Sands of Kuwait * THE REGIMENTAL MARCH PAST: The Pibroch of Donuil Dubh * DANCING SET: The Glendaruel Highlanders / Loudoun's Bonnie Woods and Braes / Captain Horne / O'er the Bows to Ballindalloch / The Steamboat * MARCH OFF PARADE: The 42nd / The Black Bear / Highland Laddie (Regimental March) * THE TROT: The Keel Row * SLOW AIR: Rhu Vaternish * THE CABAR FEIDH SET: March, Strathspey, Reel and Jig * RETREAT MARCHES: The Kilworth Hills / The Bloody Fields of Flanders * THE CANTER: Queen Elizabeth's March / The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre / Bonnie Dundee * REGIMENTAL MARCHES: Pibroch of Donuil Dubh / The Wee Highland Laddie / The Cock o' the North * BUGLER / LAST POST * PIPER / LIGHTS OUT: Fingal's Weeping.

Featuring the 1st Battalions of: The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) * The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) * The Royal Highland Fusiliers (Princess Margaret's Own Glasgow and Ayrshire Regiment) * The Scots Guards * The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys) * The Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforths and Camerons) * King's Own Scottish Borderers (25th of Foot) and The Highlanders.

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