Pipers Meeting - New Tunes From The Campbell Canntaireachd

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(September 2017)

45 pibrochs from the famous Campbell Canntaireachd (1796).

Canntaireachd read by Patrick Molard and transcribed by Jack Taylor.

Newly in staff notation, 33 for the first time, none in current publications.

Alphabetical index:
A Glas * Aird's March * Boysdall's March * Brian O'Duff's Lament * Captain Archibald Campbell Glenlyon Lament * Carwhin's Lament * Cherede 3 Times * Croan Air Euan * Cromh Laoidh Air Aidin Thorbein * Dead's Lament * Duke Of Perth's March * Euan Aka Shar Shein Mi Shudda * Fhailt Na Misk * Glencow's March * Graham's March * Harrow's March * Hindo Rodin 3 Times * Hiharin Him Tra * Hiharin Hioen Hotroe Ohoen * Hiharin Tra Ho Tra Dre * Hiharin Tro Hiharin Tra * Hihorodo Hihara Cherede Cherede * Hindre Cheen Hadre Hioem * Hindre Harodin * Hindro Hintro Hindro Cheve * Hinggarloch's March * Hinotra Hinotra * Lochend's March * Lord Breadalbane's Welcome To Scotland * MacDonald's Gathering * MacMhicalister's Dead Lament * MacNeil's March * McIver's March * Melford's March * One Of The Cragich Hiharin Hiodre * One Of The Cragich Hindo Rodin Hindo Hindo Dre * One Of The Cragich Hioemtra Haentra * One Of The Cragich Hodin Hiotra 3 Times * One Of The Dead's Lament * Pioparich Aon Cnochan * Pipers Meeting * Ribban Goarm * Sianssuive * Taviltich * White Wedder Black Tail.

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