Pipe Major Derek W J Potter - A Collection Of Music For The Great Highland Bagpipe

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Tunes: The Removal Of The Whiskey (March) * The Gateway to Basrah (March) * The Grey Horses Of The King ( March) * The Sidlaw Soldier (March) * Holly's March * Briarbank (March) * Waving From The Window (March) * Woodriffe (March) * Ron Carr's Farewell to Glamis (March) * Salute To The City Of Edinburgh (March) * Elizabeth Hendry Milne (March) * Charles Taylor Milne (March) * The Royal Company Of Archers (March) * Cairn Dhuna (March) * Innes Jack's First Birthday (March) * Majory A J Crease MBE BEM (March) * Wing Commander Andrew Calame MBE (March) * Captain Andrew C M Potter (March) * The Stagg On the Strone (Strathspey) * The Ghillie's Ball (Strathspey) * 23 Acres In Oakhampton (Reel) * The Belgium Bed Conspiracy (Reel) * The Jigger And The Jolly (Reel) * Your Last Rolo (Reel) * The Devil's Marbles (Reel) * The Happy Bus (Reel) *Arlene's Air * My Little Angel (Slow Air) * Miss Maxine Peterson (Slow Air) * Sleep Peaceful And Still (Slow Air) * The Church Of St Severus (Slow Air) * The Weeping Stones (Slow Air) * The day The Guns fell Silent (Slow Air) * Childhood Memories (Slow Air) * Achieving Your Dream (Slow Air) * Winding The Clocks (Dance) * Big McGribbley's Folder of Misc. Music (Hornpipe) * Ashleigh's Thinning Napper (Hornpipe) * Big Chief Cheesy Toes (Hornpipe) * Captain Compere (Hornpipe) * Davie's Steak And Gravy (Hornpipe) * The Cooler King (Hornpipe) * Jimmy Fish.com (Hornpipe) * Josh's hair repair (Hornpipe) * Jimmy Moose's Fon Tae Breeks (Hornpipe) * Spud's Night In Vegas (Hornpipe) * The Circle LINE (Hornpipe) * The Skylight Specialist (Hornpipe) * The Symmetrical Haircut (Hornpipe) * Wee Ron The Gladiator (Hornpipe) * The Barn At Rosehill (Hornpipe) * The Boss's Nova (Hornpipe) * The Boss's Nova (Jig) * The Mighty Skin (Jig) * Stresst Oot (Jig) * A Bit Of Ginger (Jig) * A Bridge Too Low (Jig) * Cap In The Pool (Jig) * The Forfar Bridie (Jig) * Holiday In Inverellan (Jig) * Lewis From Lewis (Jig) * Salt And Sauce (Jig) * Shotgun Wedding (Jig) * Swifter Than Eagles (Jig) * The Cow The Goat And The Pot Belly Pig (Jig) * The Battle Bus (Jig) * The Funky Fish And The Disco Duck (Jig) * The Leaving Steps (Jig) * The Manky Donkey (Jig) * The Piccadilly Jock (Jig) * Gellyburn Cottage (Jig) * The Plastic Pipe Major (Jig) * Tourists With Guns (Jig) * The Braemar Caber (Jig) * Feadan Dhub (Jig) * The Calgary Cafe (Jig) * Max Stewart Of Strathtyrum (Jig) * Voyage To Distant Lands (Suite).

The Sovereign's Piper, Pipe Major Derek Potter, has composed a superb collection of tunes for the Highland Bagpipes.

The position of Queen's Piper is one of the highest accolades available to a piper serving in the Armed Forces.

This A4 book includes a potted history of the Sovereign's Piper written by the current Queen's Piper Derek WJ Potter. A collection of full colour photographs of various event from the Pipe Major's illustrious career and a Biography written by Captain Andrew Charles Milne Potter.

A selection of March, Strathspey, Reel, Slow Air, Hornpipe and Jigs.

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