Pied Pipers - Music From Ireland And Scotland

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(March 2019)

11 Tracks: Plooman Laddies * Parcel O' Rogues * I Am A Miller Tae My Trade * The Kid On The Mountain / Leithrim Fancy * I Will Go * Chief O'Neill's / Nine Points Of Roguery / Faral O'Gara * Twa Corbies * 16th Of April * Ye Jacobites * Molly Brannagan / Jennie's Chickens / Drowsy Maggie * Home By Barna.

A selection of music from Ireland and Scotland.

All titles traditional arranged by Pied Pipers.

Released Arc Music Productions 2002.

Pied Pipers: Michael Wolter (guitar, bodhran, vocals), Peter Teubner (bouzouki, vocals, bodhran, spoons, guitar), Martin Keck (fiddle, tin whistle), Dag Westling (5 string banjo, mandolin, tin whistle, guitar, vocals),

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