Philomena Begley - My Life, My Music, My Memories

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2017 is an important year for country singing star Philomena Begley, she celebrates 55 years in the music business.

The song featured on this CD single was written for Philomena by the talented country singer and songwriter Derek Ryan.

This CD single is a prelude to an eagerly anticipated CD album release and autobiography to follow.

Song lyrics:

Whenever people ask me what I do
I say I've been known to sing a song or two
In theatres, marquees and dance halls, some might say I've almost done it all
I'm right behind the spotlight of my lige, I'm a loving mother and wife
I've been blessed, my family understand, they know
I've just got country music in my soul

And I've been up, I've been down, every city every town
The silver dollar queen, who laid the blanket on the ground
I'm still the girl next door, who loves a good encore
And I'll keep singing songs as long as you want to hear more
And I won't stop, till the good lord tells me
It's my life, my music, my memories.

Everyone I've met along the way has played a part in who I amtoday
The laughs the tears the old singsongs
I sometimes wonder where the years have gone
I have never been one to sit still
As long as I can dance I never will
I'm no VIP, and I'm no superstar
I've just got country muisc in my heart.

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