Peter Horan and Gerry Harrington - The Merry Love To Play

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(2007) 16 tracks: Reels: The Killavil Bucks / Fred Finn's * Jigs: The Idle Road / Molloy's Favourite * Reels: The Flowers of Red Hill / The New Steamboat * Reels: The Liffey Banks / The Shaskeen / The Bag of Spuds * Jigs: Dick Sullivan's Favourite / The Spotted Cow * Hornpipe: The High Level * Reels: The Swallow / The High Reel * Air: Her Mantle So Green * Reels: Sean Ryan's / The Blackthorn Stick / The Green Groves * Jig: The Old Grey Goose * Polkas: Johnny Gorman's / The Primrose * Reels: Doctor Gilbert's / The Queen of May * Waltz: The Killavil Waltz * Hornpipes: Murphy's / The Derry * Air: The Coolin * ReeIs: Miss Monaghan's / The Duke of Leinster / The London Lasses.

Peter Horan, the legendary flute player from Sligo, is teamed with the great Kerry fiddle player Gerry Harrington for a second album.

No other instruments are used so you can enjoy the pure music of the two instruments together.

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