Peter Bellamy - Fair England's Shore (English Traditional Songs)

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(September 2008) 38 tracks: The German Musicianer * Georgie * Lovely Joan * The 14th Of February * The Shooting Of His Dear * The Saucy Sailor * Yarmouth Town * Just As The Tide Was A-Flowing * Fakenham Fair * The Lofty Tall Ship * Butterand Cheese and All * The Turtle Dove * Young Roger Esq * Fanny Blair * Long Pegging Awl * The Good Luck Ship * The Green Bed * All Around My Hat * The Dockyard Gate * The 'Prentice Boy * The Dogger Bank * The Dark-Eyed Sailor * You Gentlemen Of England * The Jolly Roving Tar * The Spotted Cow * Two Pretty Boys (The Two Brothers) * The Female Drummer * Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy * The Ghost Song * The Carnal And The Crane * The Little Black Horse * (The Penny Wager) * The Barley And The Rye * The Turkish Lady * Warlike Seaman (The Irish Captain) * The Blackberry Fold * Saint Stephen * The Rigs Of London Town * The Fox Jumps Over The Parson's Gate.

Peter Bellamy has achieved cult status on the English Folk scene since his untimely death in 1991.

This collection comes from his first three recordings, and is a great introduction to English traditional songs.

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