Peter Bellamy - Mr Bellamy, Mr Kipling and The Tradition

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(2001) 41 tracks: The Whale Catchers * Peggy Bawn * The Santa Fe Trail * Anchor Song * Her Servant Man * The Days Of '49 * The Death Of Bill Brown * Down The Moor * Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor * The Slip Jigs and Reels * The Old Songs * St. Celia's Rocks * Death Is Not The End * The Brisk Young Widow * Cholera Camp * The London Waterman * Tyne Of Harrow * Big Steamers * On Board A '98 * Cities and Thrones and Powers * Philadelphia * Follow Me 'Ome * My Boy Jack * The Coiner * Cold Iron * My Lady's Law * The Looking Glass * Minesweepers * Anchor Song * The Liner She's A Lady * Brookland Road * Roll Down To Rio * Dayspring Mishandled * Sir Richard's Song * Way Through The Woods * The Land * Ford O' Kabul River * Blue Roses * Our Fathers Of Old * Heffle Cuckoo Fair * A Pilgrim's Way

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