Pete Morton With Full House - Game Of Life

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(March 2016)

14 Tracks: Another Train * Shepherds Song * Disobedience * Related To Me * Shores Of Italy * The Luckiest Man *
Corruption Country * Bigger Than Life * Battle Of Trafalgar * Further * Listening To My Boots * Two Brothers * Sock On The Line * When We Sing Together * 7 Billion Eccentrics.

A collection of Pete's most requested songs, he is joined by Chester based folk group Full House.

Pete and the band have known each other since 1990, but this is the first time they've worked together.

It is the usual mixture of Pete Morton themes: social comment, political stance, reflections on the human condition, in fact, reflections on the Game Of Life for which Pete is well known.

Pete Morton (guitar, vocals), Ian Jones (melodeon, flute, vocals), Chris Lee (fretless bass guitar, double bass, mandolin, electric guitar, vocals),Clare 'Fluff' Smith (fiddle, vocals(, Nick Mitchell (guitar, vocals), Mark Woolley (percussion, low whistle, vocals).

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