Pentlands Ceilidh Band - Just Four Ewes

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(May 2018)

16 Tracks: Mixed Jigs * 2/4 Pipe Marches * Irish Reels * Spunky's Set (Jigs) * 6/8 Pipe Marches * Waltzes * Singalong 4/4 Marches * Irish/Scottish Jigs * Flowers Of Edinburgh Set (Reels) * 2/4 Pipe Marches * Pipe Jig * Waltzes * 6/8 Pipe Marches * 4/4 Marches * Irish/Scottish Reels * Mix 'N' Match (Jigs/Reels/Jigs).

Foot stomping Jigs and Reels, swinging 2/4 & 6/8 Pipe Tunes, Waltzes and Marches from the three piece Pentlands Ceilidh Band.

Ceilidh Band Champions, the band are also regular guests at the Shetland Accordion and Fiddle Festival, Shetland Uphellya Festival, with appearances at the Orkney Folk Festival, Galway Sessions, Mull Music Festival, Oban Music Festival, Jura Music Festival and Newcastleton Music Festival. The band have also travelled as far as Kuwait to play for the Kuwait Caledonian Society.

The Pentland Ceilidh Band are: Colin Brown ( 1st/2nd accordion, midi bass), Derek Rae (1st/2nd accordion), Neil Cranston (drums).

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