Pentlands Ceilidh Band - Getting Jiggy

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(April 2017)

16 Tracks: Getting Jiggy 1: Tantans / The Pewter Plug / Apples In Winter / The Blarney Pilgrim * Logan's 4/4s: Campbell's Farewell To Redcastle / Greenwoodside / Australian Ladies / The Piper's Cave * Irish Reels: Traditional Irish Reels / Garranmore / Ceol Sa Chistin / Lad O Beirne's * Waltzes: A Waltz For Nan / Porte Na Coite / Ian And Chrissie Gracie * Getting Jiggy 2: Duncan The Gauger / Donella Beaton / Flora MacIssac / Last Tango In Harris * Tribute To Neil Cranston: Boghall And Pentlands Farewell To Neil Cranston / Drumtochty Castle * Ted's Two Steps: Bonnie Wee Jeanie MCColl / Ma Big Kilmarnock Bunnet / Lassie Come And dance Wi' Me / If You're Irish Come Into The Parlour / MacNamara's Band * Pipe 4/4s: Road To Guernish / Cuttin Bracken / Jeanie's Black EE * The Tarbolton Set (Reels): The Tarbolton / Ar Mhuin Na Muice / Hidden Pearls / Our Lady's Bungalow * Getting Jiggy 3: Dusty Windowsills / The Broken Black door / Banish Misfortune / Caroline's New B Key * Waltz: Nicole * Pipe 6/8s: Bremner's March / Mrs Pat McLaren * 4/4 Marches: Sheriff A C MacPherson Of The Glasgow Highland Club / The Rock Of Brae / Paul Martin * Reels: Brenda Stubbert's / The Turnpike / The Red Mill Reel / The Fyrish Reel * Pipe 2/4s: Arthur Bignold Of Lochrosque / Donald MacLennan Of Rothesay * Getting Jiggy 4: The Pea Picking Tune / The Diplodocus / Tulips / Rabbits Go Away.

Latest release from the three piece Pentlands Ceilidh Band who hail from the central belt of Scotland.

Lively and energetic sets, all you need to get jigging!

A mix of ceilidh dances including Tribute To Neil Cranston composed by John Burns.

The band play at various functions up and down the country, regular invited guests at Fiddle and Accordion clubs.

The Pentlands Ceilidh Band are: Derek Rae (accordion), Garry Kellow (drums), Colin Brown (accordion, midi bass).

Boghall and Penlands Farewell To Neil Cranston
" This is a tune by one of our (and Neil's) good friends, John Burns. Neil was one of the founding members of the Pentlands Ceilidh Band. He was a mainstay with our band for 19years and also with the Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band for 33 years. He was one of the top ceilidh band and pipe band drummers in the country and very musch missed by all who knew and loved him." The Pentland Ceilidh Band.

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