The Paul McKenna Band - Between Two Worlds

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Up And Coming Artist Of The Year - MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards 2009

(February 2009) 11 tracks (45 mins): Ballad Of Accounting * Dancing In The Dark * The Sloe Switch * Between Two Worlds * The Jolly Beggar * The Lea Rig * Carnlough Bay * The Lobster Set * P Stands For Paddy * Daylight * Red Mary.

Combining their love for traditional and folk music as well as original songs and tunes, The Paul McKenna Band has been playing to audiences throughout the UK since 2006. With a contemporary approach to songs, although not straying too far from their roots, their arrangements are both fresh and innovative.

The band consists of singer and songwriter Paul McKenna (guitar), David McNee (bouzouki), Ruairidh Macmillan (fiddle), Sean Gray (flute, whistles) and Ewan Baird (bodhran). Their exciting sound is created through outstanding vocals, driving guitar and bouzouki, intense fiddle playing, a warm pairing of flute and whistle and dynamic bodhran and percussion.

Fiddler Ruairidh Macmillan was a finalist at the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Awards at the 2009 Celtic Connections festival.

The album was produced with assistance and guidance from Dick Gaughan.

"A voice that will stay with you, with a haunting quality that can make the most ordinary songs memorable."

"A band with the potential to dominate the Scottish/Irish traditional scene for the next twenty years." (Fatea Magazine)

"A young group to look out for who set a high standard." (The Living Tradition)

"Great songs, great musicianship and best of all, great enthusiasm. This outfit really enjoy their music and it shows." (Edinburgh Folk Club)

"Some of the most talented young musicians in Scotland." (Moniaive Folk Festival)

"An outstanding voice, with individual style." (Frank Hennessey, Radio Wales)

"A must see." (The Garden Sessions)

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