Paul Anderson - The Lochnagar Collection

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(September 2009) 308 tunes

Winner of the prestigious Glenfiddich Championship, Paul Anderson is regarded as one of the finest Scots fiddle players - a leading exponent of the North East style, a teacher and researcher.

This collection of his own tunes, based firmly in the Scottish traditional idiom, also features photographs, dialect poems by Sheena Blackhall, songs, articles on Hector MacAndrew and Peter Milne, and notes on the Scottish Fiddle style.

His tunes show an originality which is an essential part of a dynamic tradition, and great attention has been given to grace notes and bowing techniques.

The book includes the tunes previously published as The Cromar Collection, music for a theatrical production of Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Sunset Song, and two tunes by Paul's brother David.

A4, paperback, 126 pages.

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