Pat Kilbride - Rock and More Roses

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16 tracks: Anne's Favourite / Kitty's Wedding * Tir Na Nog * Si Beag, Si Mor * The Galbally Farmer * Dominiques Favourite * The Flowing Tide / The Plains of Boyle * October Song * The Boy in the Gap * Lord Randall * The Swedish March * The Dublin Reel / The Wind That Shakes The Barley * The Blackbird * We Work The Black Seam * Humours of Ballyloughlin / Slieve Russel / The Eavesdropper * Sgt. Early's Dream * Rodney's Glory / Rakish Paddy.

Master of guitar and cittern. Pat comes from Ireland and has played guitar from an early age. He went to England in 1975 and joined Battlefield Band. He then went to Europe, Brittany first where he made an album (released on Temple) and then on to Belgium where he released another.

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