P/M Malcolm M Mackenzie - Mackenzie's Ceilidh

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(1991) 14 tracks (48 mins): Gay Gordons: Highland Laddie / Dornoch Links / Greenwoodside / Black Bear * Encore: Mackenzie Highlanders / Earl of Mansfield / Pibroch O' Donald Dhu * Strip the Willow: Atholl Highlanders / Jig of Slurs / Paddy's Leather Breeches * Encore: Corkhill / The Curlew / John Paterson's Mare * Military Two-Step: J D Burgess / Glendaruel Highlanders * Encore: Dovecote Park / Farewell to the Creeks * Highland Schottische: Devil in the Kitchen / Orange and Blue / Louden's Bonnie Woods and Braes / Aspen Bank * Encore: Liberton Polka / Scots Polka * Dashing White Sergeant: Mrs Macleod of Raasay / Ale is Dear / Kate Dalrymple / Fairy Dance * Encore: Piper of Drummond / Tail Toddle / High Road to Linton * Boston Two-Step: Bonnie Dundee / Hot Punch / MacDonald's Awa tae the Wars * Encore: 10th HLI Crossing the Rhine / Kenmure's On and Awa / Bugle Horn * St Bernards Waltz: Westering Home / Mist Covered Mountains of Home / The Lady Strathnaver * Encore: My Home / Highland Cradle Song / Skye Boat Song * Canadian Barn Dance: John MacDonald of Glencoe / The Balkan Hills * Encore: The Conundrum / Cameron Quickstep.

Pipe Major Malcolm M Mackenzie (bagpipes) leads a dance band for some popular country dances.

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