Orkney Strathspey Reel Society - Night In That Land

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(December 2018)

18 Tracks: The Banks Of The Nith / In The Garb Of Old Gaul * Gary's Polka * The Rakes Of Kildare / Roaring Jelly / Dumfries House * Jean And Andy Leonard's Waltz * Brumley Brae / Lorna's Reel * Morag Ramsay * The Craic At Clashmore Hall / The Kiwi Pipers * Florence Killen's Waltz * E And M Seatter And M Maxwell / Orcadia / Catching Rabbits * The Deerness Two Step * The Jig Of Slurs * Night In That Land * St. Ninian's Isle / Da Road To Houll / Merryn's Reel * The Churchill Barriers / The Twos * Willie And Bertha's Boston * Filet Bobine / Montgomery Bell Waltz * Pottinger's Pineapple Polka * Six-Twenty Two Step.

This lively collection of music celebrates the Orkney Strathspey And Reel Society's 70th Anniversary in 2018.

Founded in 1948 the Orkney Strathspey and Reel Society brought the Society members together each week to play and share their enjoyment of traditional music. Today members gather with the same enthusiasm and passion for traditional music, a legacy set to continue.

"The tunes chosen represent a cross section of material we like best: well-loved tunes that date back to the Society's earliest days, right up to modern compositions that have become favourites with the present Society. They represent some of the best of Orcadian and Scottish music. We'd like to think that those musicians who gathered together for a tune in the early days of 1948 would be proud that their society is still going strong, and we hope that you, too, can feel the joy and enthusiasm that we put into our playing." David Sinclair, President of the Orkney Strathspey and Reel Society.

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