On The Day - The Story of The Spirit Of Scotland Pipe Band

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PAL+NTSC (worldwide)

(December 2010) (1h 21mins)

A documentary following a pipe band of top solo players, created from scratch for the 2008 World Pipe Band Championships.

A riveting glimpse into the world of competitive bagpiping. You don't need to be an expert or enthusiast to enjoy this tale of talent, perseverance, and camaraderie.

In August 2008 a new group featuring 40 pipers and drummers from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the USA decided to join the 'battle of the bands'. Calling themselves The Spirit Of Scotland, and under the leadership of Pipe Major Roddy MacLeod, many of the world's top solo players (including eleven Gold Medallists) came together for the first time to attempt the impossible - to compete against legendary bands that have been around for decades.

The documentary follows the band during its one and only week together, as the group assembled and practiced for the Grade 1 competition at the World Pipe Band Championships on Glasgow Green - a gathering of 8000 musicians from 16 countries.

Film-maker and piper John MacDonald of Pasadena, California, and his crew followed the band almost every step of the way, from initial meetings to practices, receiving uniforms, and ending with the band's celebration after the contest.

What are their chances after just six days of practice? Will they even qualify? In the end, all that matters is what happens 'on the day'.

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