Old New England - One Three

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(April 2008) 11 tracks: Black Cat Quadrille / Prince Imperial Galop / George Cheroux * Sheila's Hornpipe / David Millstone's Hornpipe / Mary Lou and Charlie * The Bowmaker / Mood Swing / Shauna's Jig * Sally's Waltz / Eileen's Waltz / Allen McBride * ONE Polka / Lady's Polka / Macky Quacky * Brigid of of Knock / The Gypsy Girl * Caroline's Hornpipe / Uncle George's Reel / Reel de Ste. Louise * Martha's (about time!) Waltz / L and M Waltz / April Flowers * Mrs. Fraser's Party in the Catskills / Bob's Reel * Star Island Jig / Bob's Fancy / Edith and David's Hornpipe * Da Slockit Light

The members of Old New England bring to this recording over 100 years of playing for Contra dances.

You can feel their love of traditional New England music in every note.

Rich harmony and lively improvisation, backed by solid piano playing.

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