Nua Teorainn - New Celtic Music from Green Linnet

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(August 2000) 15 tracks: Liz Carroll (Sevens, Michael Kennedy's, The Cup Of Tea), Old Blind Dogs (Forfar Sodger), Lúnasa (Goodbye Miss Goodavich, Rosie's Reel), Niamh Parsons (Fear A Bhata), Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill (Martin Rochford's, Green Gowned Lass), Patrick Street (Stewball And The Monaghan Grey Mare), Kevin Burke (The Butterfly), Reeltime (The Trucks Of Bohermore), Shantalla (Cam Ye O'er Frae France?), Andy M. Stewart (Ramblin' Irishman), Wolfstone (This Strange Place), Kíla (Tine Lasta), June Tabor (Pharoah), The House Band (Ris), Celtic Fiddle Festival (Farewell To Ireland).

Highlighting material from Green Linnet's most important artists and recordings from legendary performers. Included are Irish language upstarts Kíla, Irish supergroup Lúnasa, and the unparalleled voice of Niamh Parsons.

Scotland is represented by Highland rockers Wolfstone and roots revival sensation Old Blind Dogs. Recordings by legendary Celtic ensembles Patrick Street and Celtic Fiddle Festival are featured along with an offering from Silly Wizard singer Andy M. Stewart.

The collection also includes a track from fiddle virtuoso Liz Carroll who performs with Solas members Seamus Egan, Winifred Horan and John Doyle.

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