Norman Mackay - The Inventor

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(December 2019)

12 Tracks: The Inventor * Missy Of The Mhor * Waiter's Waltz For All * Mackenzie Cottage * Carly's Trip To Ecclefechan * Ian Mackay * Waltz In Em * Lord Anselm / Disco's Inferno * The Coach House * Monachil Waltz * Gellatly's March * The Inventor (solo piano).

The Inventor is a collection of compositional works by Norman Mackay.

Featuring an eclectic lineup of Scotland’s leading musicians, the album merges Scottish and European influences, crossing both boundary and genre.

Guest musicians: Greg Lawson (violin), Feargus Heatherington (violin, viola), Jani Lang (violin), David Laing (violin), Daniel Paterson (violin), Megan Henderson (violin/fiddle), Kristan Harvey (violin/fiddle), Su-a Lee (cello), Phil Alexander (piano, piano accordion), Adam Bulley (guitar, mandolin), Jack Badcock (guitar, banjo), Cameron Jay (trumpet), Toby Shippey (trumpet, percussion, Paul Godfray (fiddle), Claire Campbell (fiddle), Duncan Lyall (double Bass), Calum Mcintyre (percussion, Lorne MacDougall (bagpipes), The Edinburgh Singers Choir Conducted by Alistair Digges.

"The accordion in the hands of a master like Norman Mackay is such an evocative instrument, drifting between noir film soundtracks, eastern European cafe and visceral Folk music." Marc Higgins, Northern Sky.

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