The Nineties Collection vol 1

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(1995) 46 tunes: The Gael / Pamela Rose Grant / Andy Broon's Reel / Jocky's Treble Tops / DebbieAnn's Reel * The Marianna / St Gilbert's / Paul Anderson's * Tianavaig / Betty Jessiman, Huntly / Dr Iain Macaonghais * The Setting Sun * Alasdair Fraser's Compliments to Lorna Mitchell / Eoghainn Iain Alasdair BEM / The Open Fence * The Green Loch / The Quiet Man / The Ness Lassies Reel / The Flawless Juggler * Mrs Meg Jamieson of Roadside Cottage / Iain Macphails's Julie and James Rollo's Wedding March * Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast / Planxty Crockery * Starjump / The Reunion Reel / The Fyrish Reel * Discovery / Dun Ibrig / The Point Road / Streams of Abernethy / Crabbit Shona * John Kerr's Jacket / The Parks of Kenway / Break Yer Bass Drone * Magnus Hendrichson / Calum's Waltz / New Year Waltz * Welcome to the Hamilton House / Farewell to Decorum / Dance of the Woodbugs * Ambleside * Sarah's Waltz / Tanks for the Memories / College of Piping Summerside PEI * The Doune Lofge Two-Step.

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