Nigel Richard - Not Before Time

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(July 2019)

Nigel Richard's first solo release, after a lifetime of musical collaboration, is aptly named Not Before Time.

Well kent in Scottish folk music his many musical collaborations include India Alba with Ross Ainslie.

Richard is a world-class maker of bagpipes and other instruments, and in this album demonstrates his talents as a composer of great songs.

Nigel Richard (vocals, guitar, cittern), Tom Lyne (bass, electric bass), Amy Geddes (violin, viola), Su-a Lee (cello), Euan Richard (guitar), Donald MacDougall (guitar), Ross Ainslie (border pipes), Gyan Singh (tablas), Ron MacMillan (blues harp), Dick Lee (saxophone), Chris Grieve (trombone), Danielle Price (tuba).

"I have always played music whenever I can. Although my roots are in the folk-blues of the 60s, to which my loyalty still lies, many other styles have influenced my playing. Making musical instruments professionally is not a casual occupation, and has been a thief of my time, but I have managed, all the same, to keep the actual playing of music to the forefront. It does add to the enjoyment of making this CD, and sharing my music, that it was not achieved without struggle!" Nigel Richard.

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