Nick MacKay Highland Dance Band - Another Box Ticked

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(December 2011) 19 tracks: Set Of Jigs: Shandon Bells / The Pet Of The Pipers / Father O'Flynn / Biddy The Bowl Wife * Canadian Barn Dance: John Macfadyen Of Melfort / Lady Lever Park * St Bernard's Waltz: The Agnes Waltz * Dashing White Sergeant: Original / Waves Of Tory / Macgregor's March / Culloden's Fancy * Military Two-Step: Looking For A Partner * Medley: Lady Angela Alexander's Waltz / The Heights Of Dargai / The Barren Rocks Of Aden * Old Time Waltz: The Wild Rose Of The Mountain / I See Mull / The Heroes of Longhope * Gay Gordons: The Siege Of Delhi / The Earl of Mansfield / King George V's Army * Strathspey - The Sidlaw Hills: Original / Kafoozalum / The Braes Of Tullimet / Smith's A Gallant Fireman * Posties Jig: Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl / Nicky Tams / Big Kilmarnock Bonnet / Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede * 2/4 Marches: Dornoch Links / The Australian Ladies * Duke Of Perth: Original / The Deveron Reel / Mrs E M Monair Of Bruach / Kemnay House * Medley: The Old Rustic Bridge / The Rose Among The Heather / On The Fiddle * Polka: The Badenoch Polka * Slow Air: Cluny Castle * Britannia Two Step: Waterside Two-Step * Pride Of Erin Waltz: Sweet Rosie O'Grady / My Wild Irish Rose / The Boys Of County Armagh / Peggy O'Neil * Eva Three Step: 10th HLI Crossing The Rhine / The Braemar Gathering * Maori Love Song: Pokarekare.

A debut album from this master of the five row button box. Hailing from Caithness, Nick played for many year in the Jim MacKay Dance Band.

Nick has been playing since a tender age and here he is leading his own band in traditional highland style, with a great selection of tunes.

Nick Mackay (lead accordion), Colin Donaldson (second accordion), Duncan Dyker (fiddle), Jacqui MacDonald (keyboard), Heather Donaldson (drums).

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