Neil Barron And His Scottish Dance Band - Unfettered!

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18 Tracks: The Grand March * Fisherman's Reel * Canadian Barn Dance * Gaelic Waltz * The Glenrothes * Polka * Pipe Medley * Continental Waltz * Dunoon Barn Dance * New Killarney Waltz * Britannia Twostep * Military Marches * Memories Of Pam * Gay Gordons * The Startled Rabbit * Tango * St Bernard's Waltz * Reeling Off.

The latest album from accordion maestro Neil Barron and his band.

A delightful mix of music from Scotland, England, Ireland France, and even Argentina!

From traditional to modern tunes, film themes, folk songs, pipe music, and self-penned compositions from band-leader Neil... a musical feast!

The Band:
Neil Barron (accordion), Alasdair Macleod (accordion), Marie Fielding (fiddle), Dennis Morrison (piano), Gordon Smith (drums), Neil MacMillan (double bass), David Findlay (guitar).

"What's in a name? Why 'Unfettered!'?
"Almost all of the music we have recorded up to now has been for strict tempo Scottish Country Dancing, frequently timed to the very second! This is the first time - long overdue - that we have had completely free rein to do our own thing in the studio. So here we are: Unfettered!... If the music happens to do more than set your foot tapping, why not roll back the carpet, loosen your stays, polish and prime your pumps, and fo for a wee swerve! I hope you enjoy listening and dancing!" Neil Barron, December 2020.

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