Neil Barron And His Scottish Country Band - The Third Sheaf Collection Of Scottish Country Dances Diamond Jubilee 1955 - 2015

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(August 2018)

12 Tracks: Cream Tea: Glengarry's Dirk / The Four Stringer / William McDonald Black (Strathspey 3 x 32) * The Damflask Strathspey: Memories Of Andrew Rankine / Mrs Rae Wallace / Stewart And Kathleen Walker (Strathspey 3 x 32) * Failte Gu Alba: Brave Boris The Bold / Scotland The Brave / Donald Blue / Campbell's Farewell To Redcastle / Corriechoille's Welcome / The Wee Highland Laddie / The High RoadTo Gairloch / Jenny's Bawbee (Reel 8 x 40) * The Hope Valley Reel: Miss Mary Douglas / Norman Whitelaw / Lady MacKenzie Of Coull / Maryhill Highlanders (Reel 8 x 40) * The Potter's Wheel: Jane's Whirly Reel / Sixty Fathom Reel/ Luggin The Box (Reel 4 x 32) * Sheffield Castle: MacBeth's Strathspey / O'er The Bows To Ballindalloch / A Traditional Reel / Brown Haired Girl (Medley S2 x 32, R2 x 32) * Silverdale Strathspey: Strong Tea / Miss Eilean Meiklejohn / Mrs Agnes Watt (Strathspey 4 x 32) * Swings And Roundabouts: The Red Plaid / Bellag The Drover / Stewart's Lassie / Maureen's Jig / Kilberry / 2 Bin Avenue The Maids Of The Black Glen / The Famous Baravan (Medley 4 x S32, J32) * Swirling And Twirling Leaves: The Capon Tree / Peter Baillie's Wife / A M Shinnie / Patricia Ann Douglas (Jig 8 x 32) * Toddle Wi' Joy: Dere Street / Dan McIidowie's Reel / Milton Bridge / Johnny Johnson (Reel 8 x 32) * Wake Up Ones: Dalrymple Jig / Master David Cunningham/ Doreen And Roy Goldring's Jig / Dave Provan's Fancy (Jig 8 x 32) * The Winter Garden: Miss Christina Ireland / Castle Spynie / Bob Robinson's Dilemma / Caroline Robertson's Wedding (Strathspey 8 x 32).

A set of new dances which have been devised by members of the Sheffield Branch of the RSCDS to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the branch.

With music by Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band.

Neil Barron (accordion), Alasdair McLeod (accordion), Marie Fielding (fiddle), Dennis Morrison (piano), Gordon Smith (drums), Bill Craib (double bass).

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