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15 Tracks: A Mhic Iain Bhain / Cha Teid Fionnlagh * An Eala Bhan * The Slave's Lament * A Dhomhnaill Nan Domhnaill * Gheibh Sinn Ribinnean Mora Mora * My Heart's In The Highlands * 'Ille Dhuinn,'s Toigh Leam Thu * Mairi's Wedding * Chi Mi Na Morbheanna * Am Buachaille Ban * Ye Banks And Braes * Buain Na Rainich * An t-Aparan Goirid 'San t-Aparan Ur * Ca The Yowes * Hug Air A Bhonaid Mhoir / Da Thabh Air An Fharaidh.

A sparkling debut album from this talented all-female band from Tarbert, Loch Fyne.

This album features a varied selection of traditional Gaelic and Scots songs with a contemporary twist.

The band (aged 14 to 18) demonstrate their versatility and unique contemporary sound with jazz and folk influences.

Na Seudan Ur formed in May 2010 and have performed at many events including the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections, the Mull Of Kintyre Music Festival Dalriada Connections Concert and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

They are well known around the local and National Mod, Music Festival circuit and perform regularly for local groups in the area.

Their name "Na Seudan Ur" means The New Jewels, an exciting and glittering future lies ahead...

Emma MacFarlane (vocals, guitar, cajon), Hannah Prill (flute, piano, vocals), Niamh MacKaveney (violin, piano, marimba, vocals), Emma Kok (double bass, cello, vocals), Naomis Stanesby (flute, piano, accordion, cajon, knee-harp, vocals).

Volunteer Tutors are: Susan Rhodes (Musical Director, Arranger, Vocal coach), Dr Neil MacDonald (Gaelic tutor / Vocal coach).

Recorded at Crear in March and June 2014 by Nutshell Music.

"Young musicians with big imaginations and an obvious love of Gaelic song - hear a new Argyll generation blossom and say you were there at the start!" Mary Ann Kennedy.

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