Music Makars - Dance, Sing And Rejoice

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(November 2007) 17 tracks: Let's Have A Ceilidh * Postie's Jig * The Dundee Whaler * Australian Ladies * The Gallant Forty-Twa * Lady Davidson * Airie Bennan * Mairi's Wedding * Tillietudlum * The Lass O' Lowrie * The Silver Spire * Seton's Ceilidh Band * The Winding Road * The Irish Rover * Marching Home * The Dundee Whaler * Let's Have A Ceilidh.

The Music Makars are joined by singer Johnny Forrest to produce a very unusual CD for Scottish Country dancing.

Sing along with Johnny and the band as you dance nine country dances, a waltz and a march.

With just the band for six country dances.

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