Music And Song From Scotland - Greentrax 25th Anniversary Collection

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(October 2011) 27 tracks: CD1: Dick Gaughan - Muir And The Master Builder * Barbara Dickson - Bridge Over Troubled Water * Skye Dance - Bannockburn * Eric Bogle - The Gift Of Years * Robin Laing - The Union Canal * Ian Hardie - The Old Bean Waltz * Jean Redpath - Dumbarton's Drums * Archie Fisher - Windward Away * Tony McManus - Valse Des Belugas * Stevie Palmer - Black Is The Sun * Mairi MacInnes And The Glasgow Gaelic Choir - Is Gaidheal Mi (This Feeling Inside) * Ceolbeg - See The People Run * Jim Reid - The Wild Geese * Duncan Chisholm with Xose Manuel Tejedor And The Memorial Concert Band - Anada pa Gael (bonus track).

CD2: Seudan - Tullochgorum * The McCalmans - Yellow On The Broom * Jeana Leslie And Siobhan Miller - The King's Shilling * Daimh - Trip To Glenfinnan * Sandy Bell's Bar Chorus - Lowlands Away * Margaret Stewart (with members of Strathclyde Police Pipe Band) - Clann Domhnnaill An Cogadh Righ Tearlach 1, 1644–45 * Jimmy McBeath - The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre * The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - The Plantation Reel * Donnie Munro - Mhairead Og * Gordon Duncan - The Ferret * The Paul McKenna Band - Again For Greenland * Jamie Steele - Just One More Chorus (From Steele The Show) * Phil Cunningham And Aly Bain - June And Ian Green's Golden Years' (bonus track).

2011 sees Greentrax Recordings Ltd celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a double CD collection for the price of one CD, featuring some of the biggest names in Scottish music, from singers to pipers and dance bands to folk groups.

The double CD is a compilation of 25 tracks, plus two bonus tracks, all of very special relevance and significance to the label and its managing director, Ian Green. The tracks selected by Ian are not necessarily a 'best of' collection (although they readily fit that description) but each has featured prominently in some special way in the 25-year journey, including a track from the very first album and one from the latest release.

Music And Song From Scotland is a fine companion to the 20th Anniversary album Scotland - The Music And The Song and the 15th Anniversary album The Best Of Scottish Music vol 2. These three compilation albums provide an outstanding showcase of the extensive Greentrax catalogue.

Greentrax Recordings celebrates its anniversary along with the Culburnie label in 2011, and will also mark the special occasion with a new 44-page catalogue, a full colour brochure of photographs and stories, and a 25th Anniversary Concert at The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh.

In 25 years Greentrax Recordings - "Scotland's Favourite Record Company" - has released 468 albums, a remarkable achievement by any standard and one that Ian Green is extremely proud of. This places Greentrax as the largest Scottish traditional music recording company, and one of the leading independents in the UK.

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