Murray Blair - Philharmonic

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(October 2009) 53 tunes: Jimmy's Gift * Up an Adam * Edwyn's Didji Place * Pump the Thump * Web Culture * As good as it gets * Heat wave * Eddie the Penguin * Bulgarian Bandit * Richmond Spear * Skippwizakiwi * Big Swindle * Ross's Farewell to Pangnirtung * Piper's Black Dog * Glayva Kid * Out of the Air * Radar Racketeer * New Year in Noosa * Slick Diamond Back * Road Runner * Airlies Big Day * Steve's Train to the Moon * Jingling Geordie * DV8'ing again * Full Power * Thick Planks * Adrian's * Express from Rotterdam * Bottle Eye's * Dubai Desert Dance * Organic Ross * Rob's Shower Shabang! * Green Ivy * Shoshanna's Lullaby * Terror Time * Top Deck in Perth * Bouncing off the Clouds * Demtel Schizophrenia Kit * 1st Hype Cowboy Division (RiverBeat) * Lush * Flogging the Riff * Infliction * Back in Black * Richmond Icehouse * A Glimpse of Monaghan * Reeled of Wood * Shovel Tongue * New Paradigm * Sinead's Wedding * Jenny's Chickens * Advance to the East * Airlies Big Day * Mrs MacLeod of Raasay * Emancipation.

Music for bagpipes by Murray Blair, with some traditional arranged, and other tunes from Mark Saul, Ian Lyons, Brian Lamond and David McInerney.

A4 paperback.

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