Mr McFall's Chamber - Birds And Beasts (Music by Martyn Bennett and Fraser Fifield)

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(May 2010) 9 tracks: (62 mins): Cuillin Part 2 (Martyn Bennett) * The Miller (Martyn Bennett) * Swallowtail (Martyn Bennett) * Aye (Martyn Bennett) * Peewits (Martyn Bennett) * Kilchoan Ferry (Fraser Fifield) * The Beast (Fraser Fifield) * Knives In Hens (Martyn Bennett) * Piece For String Quartet, Percussion and Scottish Smallpipes in C (Martyn Bennett).

Mr McFall's Chamber play the music of two of Scotland's most innovative musicians, fusing traditional with modern - Martyn Bennett and Fraser Fifield.

Martyn Bennett combined the traditional and modern, the local and international. A long-planned collaboration with Mr McFall's Chamber was never realised during Martyn's tragically short lifetime.

Robert McFall has put together a programme of his own sympathetic arrangements of Martyn's music, alongside original works by Fraser Fifield, another of Scotland's virtuosic musical innovators.

This premiere recording of Martyn's Piece For String Quartet, Percussion and Scottish Smallpipes epitomises his sophisticated mastery of fusion.

Mr McFall's Chamber are Robert McFall (violin), Greg Lawson (violin), Brian Schiele (viola) and Su-a Lee (cello) with Fraser Fifield (Border pipes, whistle, Highland pipes, Scottish smallpipes), Rick Standley (bass), Phil Alexander (keyboard), Tom Bancroft (drums, percussion) and James Mackintosh (drums, percussion).

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