The Moarfield Waltz - A Tribute To Gordon Jamieson

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(July 2007) 18 tracks: Alan And Fiona's Wedding * The Midgarth Waltz * The Dutch Girls * 21st August Wedding * Mrs Anne Jamieson * Loch Loy * Jarl Ingunar Freyr * The Lintie Waltz * Mrs Kathleen Irvine * The Moarfield Waltz * Tune For Andy * The M.I.L. Waltz * The Band Boys Polka * The Feastival Waltz * Sharpshooters * Bokelunsvalsen * Janet Donaldson * Jack Adrift.

This charity album features tracks from many of the Shetland bands: Cullivoe, Alan Nicolson, Da Fustra, James Leask, David Halcrow, and some superb fiddling from Bryan Gear and friends.

Ten of the tunes were composed by the late Gordon Jamieson.

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