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(July 2019)

13 Tracks: In The Gun Room * Rolling Thunder * The Rags * Crofting Set * Waltzes * Glasgow Reel Set * Lorna's O'Leradaals Two-Step * For Davie * Festival Jigs * Granny And Grandad's * Sailing South * Da Vidlin Set * Grethy Cloots.

A debut album from Shetland trio Mirka.

They share a mutual love of traditional music both in Shetland and further afield.

They formed in 2011 and have enjoyed playing tunes together ever since.

Their name is taken from Mirka Water, a loch in the hills of Sandyburn, Vidlin where members of their family originated from.

Danny Garrick (fiddle) Karis Garrick (keyboards) Loris MacDonald (accordion).

"They are, individually, already successful and award winning music students, firm fixtures on the Shetland music scene and seasoned musical travellers outwith Shetland too - with Danny also having won the prized 'Shetland Traditional Young Fiddler Of The Year'. Mirka's debut CD is literally jam-packed with a whole host of mainly up-tempo, 'go-for-it' tunes. Tunes that you can simply listen to and enjoy in their own right, or alternatively, dance yourselves into a 'soolp of sweat' to - as the old Shetland saying goes" Davie Gardner.

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