Mike Denver - 3 In A Row

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A special edition 3 box set from country singer Mike Denver featuring over 50 songs.

Tracks Include: DVD1: The Galway Girl * Seasons In The Sun * Sylvia's Mother * You're The Best Friend * Sentimental Irish * A Dream Come True * The Dance * The Comfort Of Her Wings * Back In '68 * Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain * Absent Friends * My Darling Kathleen * I'll Walk The Line. Folsom Prison Blues, Ring Of Fire * Seven Spanish Angels * Pay Me My Money Down, Messenger Boy, Las Vegas * The Chain Of Love * You're Such A Good Lookin' Woman * American Pie * Beautiful Sunday.

DVD2: The Comfort Of Her Wings * Messenger Girl * Inside Out * The Galway Boy * You're The Best Friend * Mary With The Golden Hair * Seven Spanish Angels * Back in '68 * The Hills Of Donegal * Geraldine's Thinking Of Galway * Don't Close Your Eyes * Absent Friends * Sylvia's Mother * My Darling Kathleen * Turn Out The Lights The Party's Over.

DVD3: Wasn't That A Party * Run That By Me One More Time * No More Phone Calls * PADDY * Funny Feeling * Why * Thanks God For The Radio * The Time That God Sends * I Want to Be In Ireland For The Summer * What Colour Is The Wind * Gentle On My Mind * Still Feeling blue * Remember Me * Knowing You'll Be There * You're My Best Friend * Honey * Katie Daley * The Day Of My Return * Boston Rose * Beautiful Sunday * The Rose Of Mooncoin * Making Memories Of Us * Seven Drunken Nights.

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