Miguel Lawrence - Air And Graces

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January 2022

1. Air
2. Introduction And Butterfly Rumba
3. Butterfly Minuet
4. Jig Of The Moths And Butterflies
5. Sortilegio
6. Natura Morta
7. Danza Spiriti
8. Canzone Sacra
9. Incantesimi
10. Boccherini Macaroni (200O)
11. Allegretto
12. Larghetto, molto tranquillo
13. Allegro Leggiero

Virtuoso recorder player, Miguel Lawrence, performs modern music for the recorder and piano.

The best-known work here is probably Walter Leigh's Sonatina, a piece of uncomplicated beauty and subtle expressiveness.

The most familiar composer, however, is undoubtedly Richard Harvey, whose Concerto Antico – for guitar and orchestra – is frequently broadcast on Classic FM. Concerto Incantato was composed for the recorder and orchestra in 2009, but the version of this recording is the adaptation that the composer made for the recorder and piano in 2018. It has been described as a true concert piece for the Harry Potter generation.

This CD also presents two world première recordings of music by Peter Lawson and Peter Lawrence, Song of the Lesser Butterfly Orchid, which is dedicated to Miguel Lawrence, and Boccherini Macaroni, a tongue-in-cheek updating of Luigi Boccherini’s famous Minuet.

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