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(April 2018)

12 Tracks: Five And Drive * Wassalou River * Trip To Nova Scotia * Miss Catherine McGoldrick's Jigs * The Soaring Eagle * Angel Meadow * Black Swan On The Turlough * Simon And Candy's 50th Wedding Anniversary * John Kelly's Concertina * Bakanoba (feat. Fatoumata Diawara) * The Ogham Stone * Bill Malley's Barndance.

A stunning fifth solo album from top Celtic multi-instrumentalist Michael McGoldrick.

'Arc' illustrates the flautist, whistle player, uilleann piper and composer's repute as one of today's towering instrumental talents. His first album since 2010, 'Arc' showcases his continuing joy of music making.

Well known and respected for his work with Capercaillie, Mark Knopfler, Transatlantic Sessions, Usher's Island, Zakir Hussein. This album was co produced by Donald Shaw.

Musicians: Michael McGoldrick (flutes, uilleann pipes, low whistle, additional bouzouki (4)& bodhran (3,8), Donald Shaw (piano, rhodes, string arrangements), Ewen Vernal (bass), Alyn Cosker (drums), Tony Byrne (acoustic guitar), Neil Yates (trumpet and brass accompaniments), Sorren MacLean (electric guitar), James MacKintosh (drums (4.10), Ed Boyd (guitar (9,12), Manus Lunny (bouzouki (4,11), Innes White (guitar (3), Signy Jakobsdottir (marimb, percussion, (2,3,4,8), Tom Callister (fiddle, (3,8), Emma Sweeney (fiddle (9,12), John Joe Kelly (bodhran (4,7), Tony O'Connell (concertina), Fatou Diawara (vocal (10), Gerry O'Conner (banjo), String Section: Greg Lawson (violin), Fiona Stephen (violin), Kobus Frick (violin), Scott Dickinson (viola), Kate Ellis (cello).

"One of the greatest flute players in the world" - BBC Music.

"McGoldrick is a rare pearl. He can pull off the impossible" - Ouest-France.

"Michael is in a class of his own - it's always a joy to share a stage or a studio (or a beer) with him" (Mark Knopfler).

"Mike McGoldrick is one of those rare musicians who never fails to serve the song and the moment in ways that cut through any blocks or filters. If pyrotechnics and passion are called for, he is there, delivering music that burns and soars. If a medium-tempo groove is needed to draw dancers to the floor, he is there with as strong a sense of timing and as infectious a sense of melody as exists anywhere on the globe. If an emotional slow air or a fluid ballad part is what completes an evening, or an album, then Mike brings forth that energy with a soulful tenderness all his own. In short, he is without doubt a musician's musician. . . but he is much more than that. It is hard to imagine anyone in the world not responding to the music that flows from him so naturally and beautifully, timed, always, to the rhythm of the heart." (Dirk Powell).

"All my albums have been a progression over the last 20-odd years, but this time I was really trying to use all those experiences to do something a bit different – different from how I've written and recorded before, and also from what anyone else is doing." Michael McGoldrick.

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