Mary Anne Alburger - Scottish Fiddlers And Their Music

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A history of the art, illustrated with photographs and music examples, over 100 complete reels, strathspeys, laments, and slow airs.

Mary Anne Alburger's admirable study documents the development of the tradition for more than half a millennium from the fiddlers on James IV's payroll, through the manuscript and published collections of the 17th century to the traditional players and composers of the 20th century.

Extended treatment is given to such outstanding composers as Niel and Nathaniel Gow, William Marshall, Simon Fraser, and James Scott Skinner. The new public for this music, both inside and outside Scotland, will find this book especially informative.

Paperback (256 pp)

"Scottish Fiddle Music is a unique contribution to its country's culture and an important Scottish gift to the musical world. A survey of that music has long been needed, and now Mary Anne Alburger has admirably provided it, covering the half millennium during which this music has developed and flourished." Hardie Press, Publisher.

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