Mary Ann Kennedy - Glaschu - Home Town Love Song

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(April 2019)

16 Tracks: Camanachd Ghlaschu (The Glasgow Shinty) * Oran don ‘Clutha' (Song for the ‘Clutha) * 'Orange Parade' An Glaschu (Orange Parade in Glasgow) * Margadh an t-Salainn (Song of the Saltmarket) * Mother Glasgow * Sraid Sauchiehall / Madainn Dihaoine * When I Came To Glasgow First * Sauchiehall Street / Friday Morning * Oran do Ghlaschu (Song for Glasgow) * Sraid Bhochanan (Buchanan Street) * Stoirm air a' Bhroomielaw (Storm on the Broomielaw) * Horo tha Mi fo Smalan Dheth (Statues, a Goose, and the Morning After) * Talla a'’ Bhaile (City Chambers) * Paraig nan Dealbh (Peter the Picture) * Glaschu Rocach (Glasgow Wrinkled) * Soraidh Leibh is Oidhche Mhath Leibh (Goodnight and Farewell).

Glaschu is the latest studio album from urban Gael, now highland resident, Mary Ann Kennedy.

An album inspired by Mary Ann's home city of Glasgow, 'Glaschu' features songs and poetry celebrating city life past and present.

A vibrant 16 track collection of Glasgow vignettes and vivid images, from the city's main artery - the River Clyde, to street-life and markets, social deprivation and religious tension, and traditional Scottish sport and play.

All liner notes Scottish Gaelic/English

"The 'Glaschu' album is a kind of love-song to my home town - these songs are the story of the Gaels in Glasgow before me, but it's the also the story of every new arrival community in any city the world over - the themes are universal. I grew up in the southside of a city rich in languages and cultures, and as part of Scottish Gaels' biggest urban diaspora. We realised that, even though Gaelic had been part of Glasgow throughout its 800-year history, we were still very much part of the ebb-and-flow migration that is part of every city's narrative."

"You can take the girl out of Glasgow, but never Glasgow out of the girl." Mary Ann Kennedy.

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