Mary Ann Kennedy - An Dan - Gaelic Songs For A Modern World

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(July 2017)

11 Tracks: Seinn, Horo, Seinn * Òran do dh’Iain Dòmhnallach * Mise Fhuair * Sìth na Coille * Eadar-Thìr * Dàn Ùr do Fhlòraidh NicNìll * Taigh an Uillt * Iain Againn Fhìn * Gràdh Geal Mo Chridhe * Air Leathad Slèibhe * Grioglachan.

A unique debut solo collection of original Gaelic song with music composed by multiple award-winning artist and BBC celebrity Mary Ann Kennedy.

The lyrics are self-penned with contributions from some of Scotland's finest Gaelic poets and lyricists.

This spellbinding album presents songs of love and loss, nature and nurture, war and peace, spiritual and temporal, refracted through the linguistic prism of the Gaelic language and soul.

Includes a booklet with extensive information in English and Gaelic.

This album recorded on Watercolour Music.

Mary Ann Kennedy (lead vocals, piano), Finlay Wells (guitar), Chaz Stewart (guitar), Lorne MacDougall (whistles), Jarlath Henderson (uilleann pipes), Nick Turner (bass), Euan Burton (bass).

Strings: Donald Grant, Hannah Dawson, Triona Milne, Eilidh Martin.
Backing vocals: Mags Burgess Aburn, Victoria Caine, Catriona MacNeill MacPhee, Iain Hector Ross, Marion MacSween Ross, Susanna Ross, Duncan Simpson, Nicola Simpson, Mark Turner, Coisir Ghaidhlig Inbhir Nis.

"Dàn is one of the greatest double-meanings in the Gaelic language. It means Destiny' (or 'Fate', if your Scottish genes will out) as well as Song. So, 'An Dàn’ is 'the song' as well as 'destined'. Whether I was destined to make this album I'm not so sure, but maybe the gifts I've been blessed with and the people I've encountered along the way who opened my eyes and ears to the world were meant to find me a voice." Mary Ann Kennedy.

Mary Ann's debut album has received 5* reviews, some of the comments !

"An Dan was worth the wait, it's a gem of an album." Folk Radio Uk.

"This is one from the heart." The Scotsman.

"A jewel of a record (Moors Magazine, Netherlands).

"An Dan us a moving beautiful work of art." Folk Wales Online.

"A richly ambitious, widescreen celebration of language, culture and its global diaspora." The Morning Star.

"It is her delivery of the lyrics of others... that really shine." The Herald.

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