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(December 2012) 12 tracks: Daydreams About Night Things * Am I Losing You * The Perfect Picture * The Mountains Are Higher In Scotland * Castle In The Sky * Kicking Our Hearts Around * The Celtic Cajun * Silver Haired Daddy * Streets Of Bakersfield * Pocket Full Of Gold * Pass Me By * Superstar.

Latest release from Manson Grant and the Dynamos with a selection of country favourites, tracks they enjoy to sing and popular requests.

This CD album features the band joined by some of Nashville's top session men.

The Dynamos Band are well known as a truly professional outfit in the British music scene.

Manson Grant (vocals, piano, bass, trumpet, strings, harmony vocals), Keith Macleod (vocals, harmony vocals), Brandon McPhee (vocals, button key accordion), Fiona Taylor (harmony vocals), Robert Cameron (drums), Phil Anderson (acoustic and lead guitars, mandolin, harmony vocals), Steve Hinson (steel), Hank Singer (fiddle).

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