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December 2021

11 Tracks: Ailean * Crossroads * Crow Flies * Black Tower * The Loop * Briogais * Foghar * Lahinch * San Cristobal * Puirt Urar * Grigal Cridhe.

An exciting album release from Manran one of the best Scottish bands on the scene today.

With a new line-up together they showcase a perfect mix of new with traditional Scottish music.

Includes liner notes with song lyrics.

Aidan Moodie (guitar, backing vocals), Ewen Henderson (fiddle, highland bagpipes, vocals, piano. synths, Gary Innes (accordion), Kim Carnie (vocals), Mark Scobbie (drums), Ross Saunders (bass guitar, Moog), Ryan Murphy (uilleann pipes, flute, whistle)

"The ever-evolving Mànran continue to deliver their solid wedges of rock-infused traditional hues, this time with female vocals to balance the thrust of energetic instrumental play." Seuras Og, At The Barrier.

"Ùrar is indeed fine and fresh, mingling the new with the traditional, but definitely with a fresh spin on things. Well-produced, excellent performances, and a very welcome return of a fresh and rejuvenated Mànran!" Bob Leslie, Fatea.

"Over eleven years of gigs and now four studio albums, Mànran have always shown a healthy appetite for innovation but with Ùrar they’ve taken that to a new level. By enthusiastically embracing the myriad, exciting opportunities presented by the new line-up they've produced an album that sets a fresh benchmark against which to judge contemporary Gaelic music. With its increased emphasis on their own song writing, Ùrar is an album that expertly balances vocal with instrumental, traditional with self-penned, all the while encouraging the vitality that has become their trademark to shine through. Their many supporters can take heart, they're showing no signs of relaxing into a band's equivalent of middle age." Johnny Whalley, Folk Radio.

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